Silicone edge graphic systems (SEGS) are composed of a silicone-edged banner inserted into an aluminum frame.

Created using the dye-sublimation process, banners feature-rich graphics that will not peel or fade (indoor use only).

By inserting the banner into the frame, the fabric is pulled taut, resulting in a glare-free, seamless appearance.

Banners are also interchangeable and you can trade them out without dismantling the frame.

Setup and Storage

SEGs are simple to set up and tear down and most can be moved by a two-person team.

Unlike many other large displays, you can break them down into smaller pieces to reduce shipping costs and maximize storage space. They also do not need professional installation.

Common Uses

Due to their attractive appearance and easy setup, SEGs are common at trade shows and in retail storefronts. They are also ideal for promotional ads or other special events where versatility and immediate impact are key.

Key Advantages

  • Dye-sublimated banners ensure vibrant, fade-resistant images.
  • Inserting the banner into the frame creates an attractive, seamless facade.
  • Banners are interchangeable, allowing you to cater your graphics to the season or occasion.
  • Easy setup and tear down, and storage make SEGs ideal for special events and retail storefronts.
  • Systems are customizable and come in a large array of sizes.

 Custom Orders

Our SEGS come up to 10 feet tall and nearly any length wide and are custom tailored for their intended use.

Don't need a full system? We also offer all the parts you need to create your own aluminum frame.

Email us now to order or start discussing your next project.

Have a Custom Project? We are here to help, from start to finish.

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